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About Us  

Alcooltest Marketing Italia is a distributor of Branan Medical Corporation is a manufacturer of unique products for drugs-of-abuse testing. The company offers a complete line of rapid, on-site drug and adulteration tests in urine and oral fluids. Developed with lateral flow immunoassay technology, Branan Medical's products are accurate, precise and sensitive. All products are CE marked and are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality System Regulation (QSR). It is an ISO 13485 certified company and its facility is licensed for the manufacturing of medical devices by the FDA.

Our broad range of products serves many sectors: corporate workplace, criminal justice, clinical laboratory, treatment center and educational.

The product list is continuously growing through new product introductions and new technology. The newest product is the OratectPlusTM Oral Fluid Drug & Alcohol Screen Device. Never before has there been a test that  Branan Medical Corporation - Oratect ®can detect drugs plus alcohol on the same device. The OratectPlusTM device simultaneously tests for 6 drugs, which include marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine and either PCP or benzodiazepines plus alcohol. The alcohol test correlates with 0.02% blood alcohol concentration.

Also new is the Oratect® III Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device which introduces a blue line indicator for the sufficient collection of saliva. Oratect® III is the only one-step, rapid, non-invasive, on-site oral fluid drug screen test.

Another of Branan Medical's premier products is the Intect®7 Urine Adulterant Test Strips. A major concern today is the validity of drug testing. Significant evidence shows that drug users try to defeat urine drug tests by adding foreign adulterants to the urine sample to mask the true test results. There are several different adulterant types including those that interfere with the test itself, those that dilute the urine, or via urine substitution. It is estimated that 1 million adulterant products were purchased in 2001. Unless the urine is tested on-site, there is a chance that the adulteration would not be detected as many of the adulterants would disappear with time.

The urine product line includes: Intect®7 Urine Adulteration Test Strip, IntectCheck® Adulteration Controls for Intect®7, CLIA-waived ToxCup® Drug Screen Cup, Monitect® Drug Screen Cassette, Monicheck® Drug Test Controls, CLIA-waived QuickTox® Drug Screen Dipcard and CLIA-waived Fastect® II Drug Screen Dipstick.

Branan Medical is the leading manufacturer of CLIA-waived products that can now be used in physician offices, hospital laboratories, drug and alcohol treatment centers and correctional facilities.

Branan Medical believes that a network of successful distributors is key to its own success. We emphasize development of strong partnerships with our distributors in technical knowledge and participation in various tradeshows. When requested, we accompany distributors to visit major clients in an effort to support their sales.

Branan Medical Corporation is dedicated to provide innovative products, excellent quality and friendly customer service.

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